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About us

Discover the essence of innovation and craftsmanship.

Learn more about our commitment to excellence and the passion that drives us to create unparalleled large-scale experiences in every project.

Thanks to the strategic inventory management and efficient logistics, we provide high-quality products and dependable deliveries.

As a direct importer, we have the privilege of offering top-quality products at competitive prices.

Discover the enduring beauty of nature in your environment and enhance your life with this exceptional piece of the Earth.

Earth's Treasures: Our Natural Stones Tell Stories

Our expertise and passion extend to sourcing the most exquisite stones from around the world, importing them directly for your project. Our unique portfolio showcases the most captivating treasures of nature, which we incorporate into diverse construction projects worldwide.

We are here to assist you in bringing your project to life

Material selection

Explore our extensive selection to find the ideal natural stone for your project.

Architectural blueprint

Precise measuring ensure a millimeter-perfect fit.


Masterful craftsmanship for the highest quality standards.


Reliable and on-time delivery of your order to your doorstep.

Import - Trade - Processing





At Uniiqo, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from raw stone blocks to tailor-made natural stone products.

Upon request, we are also pleased to connect you with architects, interior designers, kitchen studios, and skilled craftsmen. Alternatively, we can deliver your chosen natural stone directly to your trusted stonemason.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We center our services around your unique requirements. Get in touch with us today, and let's transform your visions into stone.

We love, live, & understand natural stones

With several decades of dedicated experience, we stand as seasoned professionals in the realm of natural stone. Our profound appreciation for these materials shines through in every project, whether it's a large-scale undertaking, a personal endeavor, or the creation of bespoke furniture pieces. We've proudly assisted thousands of delighted customers and are ready to bring our well-established expertise to your project.

Our variety of unique stones