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Direct import

As direct importers, we have the capability to offer high-quality and cost-effective products in the market. With our experienced logistics team, we ensure a reliable supply chain.


We have the capability to source and deliver any type of natural or precious stone available globally, whether it's marble, granite, travertine, onyx, or precious gemstones. Our focus is on serving the high-end market segment with utmost dedication.

Custom Manufacturing

From raw stone blocks to tailor-made slabs – in our Jüterbog workshop, we have the expertise to unlock the full potential of natural stone processing for our clients.


Whether it's for your home or your trusted stonemason, we'll deliver your natural stone dream right to your preferred location.

Kücheninsel aus schwarzem Marmor

01 Initial Consultation & Sampling

During our expert consultation, we'll assist you in choosing the perfect natural stone for your project. It's important to note that each stone comes with its own set of qualities—such as weather resistance, surface durability, and load-bearing capacity—making some more suitable for certain applications than others.

02 Koordination & Aufmaß

When required, we work closely with your architect to custom-plan the use of natural stones for your project. Further, we can connect you with appropriate contacts in the fields of architecture, interior design, kitchen studios, and skilled craftsmen, ensuring a seamless and tailored approach.

Based on your desired specifications or jointly developed plans, we create a customized blueprint.

03 Creation & Implementation

Our state-of-the-art workshop in Jüterbog facilitates the entire processing chain, from blocks to custom-sized slabs. With over 21500 sqft of storage space, we are perfectly equipped to harness the vast potential of natural stone processing.

Let's work together to bring your natural stone dreams to life